It was a pleasure to interview my friend Callie Groenhof. I want readers to have a personal connection to Callie the way I did, and I believe that is through an interview format to hear her own words.
Me: Callie, tell me about yourself
Callie: My name is Callie Groenhof. I was born February 15, 1995 in Holland, Michigan. I grew up in a blueberry farm. My parents homeschooled me ever since II was a little girl so coming to college was a bit of a challenge. I have a happily married parents who are married for about 27 years. I have three older brothers. My oldest brother is married and has two adorable kids. My second older brother is also married with one little girl. My other brother still lives at home. I have been living in Holland for my whole life. I like living there, but I am happy that I branched out a with going to college and coming to Illinois because I think that got me away and also knows that I really like Holland so I am smitten living mitten.
Me: Tell me about your shift from high school to college. How was it for you?
Callie: I was actually homeschooled my whole life until college. What happened for my typical day was, I would wake up and have breakfast with the family, and then I would go up to my room and do my home work. One hour out of the day, me and my mom would go over to my school and it was more like i teach myself- read the chapter, and do the school work. I really enjoyed home schooling. I think there are pros and cons for both homeschooling and public or private schools. With homeschooling, we do have a building that is about 40 minutes away from my house. If I wanted to join a sport team I would have but it was far away.I liked homeschooling also because it taught me to teach myself, to figure out things by myself. It also developed the relationship with my family.

Like most students, coming to a college was a big decision for me. S in high school, my senior year, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought about cosmetology school, I thought about all sorts of jobs, I also thought about going to college but I didn’t know which college. So I decided to go to a community college in my freshman year. I went to Grand Rapids community college. During my second semester I knew I wanted to go to a different college. I visited six different colleges because I was still not sure where to go. I am very indecisive person and i don’t like to make commitments right away. After a long search, I came to Trinity and loved it, it was so much fun. I made my shift very easily. I enjoyed my classes. Even then at Trinity, I still didn’t know what I wanted for my major. I started out as Business Marketing major, then I thought about nursing for a month then finally decided I wanted to study Business Communication.
Me: What do you want to do after college?
Callie: After college, I hope to move back to Holland and probably live with my parents for a few years and pay off my college debts. During that I hope to get a job at Hope College Admissions. After paying off my debts, my friend and I hope to get an apartment and just keep living life. With my major, I would like to be an event planner. But after I graduate, I want to travel for a little while especially if I am still single. I want to go out and experience the rest of the U.S. and explore the world. I would also want to be a mission advisor, working with high schoolers or college students.
Me: How do you like spending your free times?
Callie: I love hanging out with friends, just enjoying time with them. I like going horse riding in the Spring. I also like going out to eat, walking in downtown Holland, going to the beach, sitting there and talking to my friends. I enjoy doing new things. I love traveling, I really enjoy it.

Me: Is there someone who has influenced you the most?
Callie: I look up to my dad. I am a daddy girl. He have such a good work ethic and he knows what he wants in life and he keeps striving. I want to be like him. I want to stay motivated and want the life that he has. He is a great dad, a great head of the house.
Me: What motivates you the most?
Callie: I would have to say my faith, knowing who I live for- trying to live for God. I waitpeople to see who I live for. There are people in the world who just talk and talk but won’t walk with God. I want to be the person who, I don’t even have to say anything and people recognize and say ‘I know who she is living for’. I had this happened in my community college. There was a security guard I always say hi to. One day I was talking to him and he asked me if I was staying at community college, and I told him I was going to move to a college in Illinois at Trinity. He then asked if that was a Christian college. I answered yes, then he responded “I could tell the way you acted, how kind you were, because you always say hi to me because not everybody says hi to a security”
Coming to college, I saw my faith a little wavering but I always trust in God and my faith has grown this semester, and I realized that- I pray more than I used to, attending Bible studies, and going to church.
Me: What makes you happy?
Callie: There are a variety of things that makes me happy. One of them would have to be making people happy, and being kind to people. I like seeing them have a good day, especially if they perhaps have a bad day and come talk to me, and that I am able to turn their day around and know they have been loved.
Me: How do you want to be remembered?
Callie: I want to be remembered as the person who touched people’s lives. I want to be known as that one person who gave a smile to a person who was having a terrible day. I just want to be known for being kind, and loving for who they are.

Callie is not that stereotypical homeschooled shy girl, Callie is very friendly, and sweet person who tries to make people around her feel good, even if it is just by saying hi when they walk pass the hallway.