Need a bike?  Don’t have a hair dryer?  Affordable furniture?  Running out of greek yogurt?  Walmart’s the answer.

In the recent decades, super stores have been increasing major revenue through offering affordable prices and substantial quality products, easily and conveniently putting a smile on their customers’ faces.  Aside from other super stores like Target, Kmart, and Costco, Walmart is one of the most successful and largest retailers in the world based solely on the yearly income.  As far as convenience and “amazing prices” go, one of these stores has had weighty setbacks – Walmart.

Before delving into logistics, the mere quality of Walmart’s service and products has significantly slumped over the years.  As consumers, the surface and presentation of this company has been an absolute “faux-pas.”  My own experience of this happened a couple years ago when I stopped by a local Walmart to purchase a few packs of canned soda for a party.  After happily unloading my purchases from the car, I decided to reward myself by enjoying a can.  However, two  of the cans in the pack were completely empty, the lids snapped open, evidently devoured.  Infuriated, my mom and I stormed back to customer service, but all they did was shake their heads and claimed that we were the ones who drank them.

Not only has this happened to us, but I’ve heard many other horror stories from those who stopped shopping at Walmart.

You yourself might be one of Walmart’s loyal customers, but before you purchase from them again, think twice and consider the following reasons of the “hidden dark side” Walmart painstakingly conceals.


Although they continue to be one of the most economically successful companies on the planet, they refuse to pay their workers what they deserve.  The average annual income is $14,000 – $1,000 below the poverty line for simply a family of three.  Their employees aren’t even able to feed their families.  Business Insider tweeted today:  “Walmart asks customers to donate food to its needy employees.”  Isn’t it ridiculous that such an acknowledged company isn’t giving the people – who got them where they are today – what they deserve?

Equality and Discrimination

Back in 2006, Walmart has had specific opinions on women in their workforce.  Today, it remains the same.  Women stay in their smaller field as men move up to the management team.  Women are treated poorly while the male co-workers they first started this job with are now their bosses.  It is extremely rare that Walmart would give promotions to women.  Ninety percent of their cashiers are female, while only a mere 15 percent are promoted to management positions.

Not only is Walmart sexist, but they also discriminate against races in the workforce as well as the consumers.  Many African Americans have reported to have been followed, searched, and abused whilst shopping at a Walmart store.

Environmentally “Unfriendly”

We’ve heard of their claims of being environmentally friendly, but the legislatures beg to differ.  Walmart cares about their profit more than the environment.  Over the years they’ve paid large sums as a result of breaking multiple environmental laws.  Not so environmentally friendly after all.

Lying about Overseas Products

As an American company, Walmart claims to have sought to sell more products from their homeland in order to increase economic stability.  However, it’s been confirmed that Walmart has still been importing most of their products from China for cheaper prices.  After all, we all know that their main goal is increasing profit.

Ruthlessness to Employees

Apart from their serious discrimination, Walmart still isn’t the best company to work for.  They refuse to pay the health care for their employees, rather, they let the tax payers do the job.  Out of a million employees working at Walmart, only 15 percent are under the health care provided by Walmart.  On political terms, employees are also forced to vote against certain politicians named by their bosses.  Some politicians have thrown in the idea of shutting down Walmart because of their wages and poverty level, therefore, Walmart turns against them by coercing their employees to turn against them.

Despite their pathetic goals and negative attitude to their employees, Walmart remains the top super store and the first place people think of in purchasing anything they need conveniently.  In order to stop these mentioned relentless actions, it is important that we keep them in mind the next time we step into a Walmart.  It’s always possible that when companies find that they’re revenue is decreasing, they will change their behavior in a turn for the better.