When I came to college, I was trying to find my identity. I went to the freshmen orientation called Blueprints. I met a lot of people there and made friends. We ate ice cream, got to live with each other on campus and we played basketball. We went to a classroom where teachers told us what we can expect. Then I went home and came back to Trinity because I was in the Bridge program. Coming to this Bridge program, I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. I learned a lot from them. Then the school year started and I had mixed emotions. I went to my classes and started to get used to them. I tried to know my professors and what to expect from them. I was double majoring in Exercise Science and Business Communications. I had a lot on my plate and I had to balance things.

Mid-way through the year, I met this Asian guy named Vince at lunch. We started talking and we became friends. He told me he was a rapper, I liked that because he was very creative. He would be freestyling like every day. I wanted to be a WWE wrestler so I started training for it and I also wanted to be a fitness trainer. I went through bullying in grammar school and high school. I was made fun of being for being skinny. That’s why I wanted to become a wrestler. I would watch WWE a lot and get motivated. They connected to me, with their passion for the game. I wanted to become a fitness trainer because I want to help people reach their goals. I wanted to get bigger as well. I was reading fitness magazines and articles, and getting fitness advice for people.

I was reading nutrition plans and watching my diet. I was making sure I was eating right and getting enough sleep. I was doing everything it took to attain this physique. The main thing that stuck with me was watching Youtube videos of fitness personalities. So I started seeing results. People were giving me respect that I never got in high school. It felt good getting that recognition from people. That pretty much capped off my sophomore year. I was headed into my junior year and continued my passion.

Then I took a break and then came back to it this year. I didn’t work out first semester because over the summer I found out that I have a passion for writing music. I found myself writing some songs between that time. I have written 23 songs and I was writing a song like every day. I always liked music but I never thought that I would be a rapper like my friend Vince. Since I am writing like every day, that shows that I am working really hard because I’m trying to be the best.

I have noticed that I have a lot of talents. The question is, “which one do I use?” My answer to that is that I am going to do all of them and maybe some others. I want to be a local rapper and a lot of people see that being a rapper is not a job and I know that. I have always had an interest in metal and rock, so I might infuse that with my raps, you never know. Whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability. I am not going to let anyone stop me or tell me I can’t do it. That’s why I go hard in it. My grandpa always told me, “Whatever job you are in, you have to make sure that you are the best of the best.” I apply this to my life and I use it for motivation. These are words to live by and something to meditate on.


Photo credit: WWE