Jason Hippenahammer is a well-known face around the Trinity community. He’s a supervisor at the BBC during the evenings, and always full of charisma for the feasting and caffeine-reliant students.

As a former Trin student turned employee, Jason has developed his own unique presence around this campus. Students know and love chatting with him, and his employees love working the nights that Jason is supervising.

Other than loving the time he spends hanging out (or working) at the BBC, Jason runs his own entertainment network (Twisted Minds Network,) where he produces and hosts two Podcasts, live-streaming, and youtube content creation.

When not “doing those life-consuming projects,” Jason is a husband and father of three daughters with a fourth child on the way.

On top of all that, he has written two books and a score of short stories. Pretty awesome, right?

I learned that Jason is adopted, and moved here after growing up in Southern California. After some good and strange relationships, one involving a coven, Jason found himself being called out to good ol’ Illinois. 

It is more than obvious after one chat with him, that Jason is a very loving father and husband, who would do anything for his family. He clearly has a passion for people and really seems to love all that he does.

Conversing with Jason is always a delight for every student. Through conversations with Jason, I learned that he is someone who really appreciates the small things.

I asked him what his favorite thing is, his response: “Ever have those days of complete silence. The doors are open and the atmosphere outside is extremely peaceful with a slight breeze. Yep, that right there! Oh, and coffee…must have coffee!”

The coffee thing only seems fitting, since he is a supervisor at a coffee shop