Flashback to December of 2009 and Ke$ha, formerly Kesha Rose Sebert, was at the very beginning of her now legendary career. Her first single, Tik Tok was at its ninth week as the number one song on the Billboard top ten chart, and several other successful singles would follow quickly behind. Ke$ha walked into the industry, and almost immediately became a household name complete with chart-topping singles and successful album releases. Her first album, Animal, was quickly followed by an EP Cannibal and a second album, Warrior, released in 2012.

Today is Monday April 18, 2016, and Ke$ha has yet to follow-up her Warrior with another album. Where has Ke$ha been for these last four years? Why has she taken such a long hiatus from such a successful musical career?

Beginning in 2013, a long legal battle began involving, that is just now coming to head. Ke$ha has accused her producer, Dr. Luke, whom she is contractually obligated to work with, of sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abusing her. She describes these things as happening while the producer maintained “complete control over her life and career.” An initial petition to free the starlet from her contract with the producer, and Sony music, was created in 2013, followed by a more formal law suit at the end of 2014. Dr. Luke denies these claims stating that the two have never had sex, let alone has he forced her to do so.

On one side of the argument, Ke$ha has made clear allegations, but has no real evidence. In fact, Ke$ha testified under oath in 2011 that she was never drugged or raped by the producer. She has also never filed criminal charges against the young man. She has no interest in actually sending Dr. Luke to prison, she simply wants to be free from working with him. In fact she is quoted as saying: “All I ever wanted was to be able to make music without being afraid, scared, or abused.” This is leading a group of people to be skeptical of the singer’s allegations. Did all that Ke$ha says happen actually happen or is she trying to escape the contract for other reasons? Some believe Ke$ha might make a financial gain from signing a new contract, and they believe this is the reason she is suing Dr. Luke. Thus far, the court system has taken this stance, saying that they can’t convict the producer on the claims that Ke$ha has made alone. They need evidence that she simply does not have.

On the other side, an entire wave of people is beginning to take Ke$ha’s side. Several stars have stepped out to back-up Ke$ha’s claims including Lorde, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift, whom also donated 250,000 dollars to help Ke$ha in her time of need. These stars have spoken out with their support of the star, some even sharing stories to help Ke$ha’s cause. Kelly Clarkson, for example, stated that she was “blackmailed” into working with the producer once. As well as these well-known voices, thousands of fans have spoken out online and protested in person with the tagline “free Ke$ha now.” As well as this, several have even begun a GoFundMe campaign to buy the star out of her contract. The amount of support for Ke$ha’s cause is one of the only things that is truly giving her claims some weight. Sony music has become more interested in helping the singer now that they’re name is being drug through the mud. There isn’t much they can do, however, since the contract is between Ke$ha and Dr. Luke, and they are not a legal party in the contract.

The case will be coming to another head on May 5th of this year. This is the date of a phone conference that will take place to see if the case will get dismissed or not. New York judge, Judge Kornreich has declared that she needs to hear more evidence in order for the case to continue being discussed. This has launched both parties into a search for more evidence for either cause, and the two will present any found evidence on this date. After this, a trial will be scheduled for February 28, 2017, four years after the initial claim was made. This trial will make the final decision for the case, and decide whether or not Ke$ha is locked into her contract or if she will be free to make music with a different producer. So, what do you think? Should the verdict go in Ke$ha’s favor or Dr. Luke’s?