Life style is defined as a way which a person or group lives. So, it is a topic that affects everyone:emotionally, physically, and mentally. The choices we make takes us into different directions. The lifestyle we chose could be caused by a number of different reasons. The lifestyle change and shift aspects could be a place displacement, a culture shock, identity change, and other several changes that plays a role into our lifestyles.

For me, I have already experienced some of those things. One of them is moving to a different place. Coming to America a few years ago was a big lifestyle change. Coming from one of the third world countries, there is a significant shift of living style. I came from one of the poorest areas of the city called Merkato. There, school was too serious. Even though I had a passion for soccer, My parents didn’t want me to focus on that, instead on school. Education is considered to be the only way out of poverty. When I came to the States, School was not as a highly must be done task. People have choice, and not going to school is not a big deal, because people have many other choices. I was lucky to come to the States to get education opportunity. But unlike me my fellow friends chose immigration as a way to of poverty. John Katich

This beat topic is relevant to a Millennial audiences- especially ages from 18-30. This ages hits high school students, college students, and people with no further education- drop outs. With immigration being a hot topic in the political and the ordinary audiences, this topic has potential giving a better understanding of how education can affect a person’s decision to migrate. This could also give parents and families a perspective on how to better keep their child in school rather than sending them to a different country for work.

One possible aspect I am interested in writing about is the issue of fleeing to Arab countries. I have friends and families who lives all over the world. Most of the gender groups who move to the Arab countries are young women. This is an interesting topic, because it is an informative and could possibly change on the perspectives of these young women from fleeing. The main reason for leaving their home countries is poverty. Most of these women are a high school dropouts or a college dropouts. Most of these women flee from Africa. It is difficult to find a job. The wages and the work you do is incomparable. It is even more difficult to find a job if you haven’t completed high school or college. Even the people with college degrees have a hard time finding a job. This brings me to my second writing interest topic- education.

I would also be interested in writing about education in Ethiopia. From my experience, I know a lot of people who didn’t complete a secondary school. This plays a role into their departure of their homeland. Some of the well know countries that these young men and women move to are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Beirut. Education is one of the keys for a successful and sustainable life. It would be interesting to compare the education system in Ethiopia and in the U.S. This helps to present how different countries approach education.

The third issue I would pick up would be illegal immigration. These people also have a similar reasons for leaving their countries, except they do it illegally. It has become common for some third world countries to flee to other countries such as to Europe, Africa. I have a friend who recently made it to London illegally from Africa. It is an adventurous story that I will shortly incorporate into my writing- the reason for leaving and the effects of identity and adopting a different lifestyle.