When she’s not behind the Bootsma Bookstore Café counter making an iced coffee, Morgan Limback can be found in the Black Box Theatre of Trinity Christian College rehearsing for whatever production is coming her way. Limback, a junior, has taken part in multiple productions during her last three years here on campus.

As our interview began, I noticed a tattoo that was placed right above her collarbone reading “have courage and be kind” – a motto that Limback both practices and preaches. Her bubbly personality makes those around her feel welcomed and appreciated – a trait we all could learn from. As a lover of the theatre and an actress herself, Limback shows her courage through her strength on the stage.

During our interview, I learned of the upcoming play that Trinity will be showcasing this April. As I learned from our interview, Shakespearian era plays did not allow women to be actors, so many of the roles of women were actually played by men. Trinity

Come see Morgan Limback and the rest of Trinity’s theatre department perform “Comedy of Errors” by William Shakespeare Friday and Saturday, April 20, and 21 in the Black Box Theatre.

The witty remarks and truthful responses continued throughout the beginning of our interview. In response to her most embarrassing moment, her response was “my go to is the walking into a revolving door, but there is a list.”

Inside the coffee shop we sat on a couch and were warmed by the fire while drinking our coffee. Throughout the interview, she was stopped and waved to multiple times by many fellow students. She makes sure to note her love and appreciation for those around her. Long-time friend, Stephanie, continues to spread only positive messages about Morgan – relaying how honest, caring, and lucky she is to have Morgan as a friend. The pair have been friends from the beginning of their Trinity career, and even plan to room together next year during their final year.

As we started to focus in on her role in the theatre department at Trinity, her theatrical idol Lin Manuel Miranda, the Hamilton creator, was mentioned multiple times. Miranda is both the creator and star of the hit musical, Hamilton.
Hamilton swept Morgan away. The musical gives audience members a contemporary spin on the life of founding father, Alexander Hamilton. Limback praises the creator for his work citing it as her favorite musical to date.

“I love him and he’s funny, smart, extremely talented, and would be a delight to talk to”. Limback states the actor/director is someone she would hope to be able to meet one day.

Back in 1990s, the Lansing native recalls having an interest in theatre from an early age, saying that her family supported her calling to the stage from the beginning. She reminisces on the famous “Limback Theatre” – an old wooden stage that was built in her basement. Big enough for a few puppet shows, Limback noted that “a small gang of children than ran our block would come over and put on plays.” Family and friends would sit back and watch them all.

But what really sparked sincere interest in the theatre?

Her first real theatre production took place in grade school. While Limback couldn’t recall the name, it was a musical about Mozart and she had the role of a singing mouse.

As she went off to college, her initial major of Music Education was no longer what she hoped to do with her life – she ultimately switched her major to Communication Theatre. While she was “dead set” on becoming a choir director, her career and life goals changed as she yearned for the stage.

Her career goals include working with theatres around Chicago. Limback expressed how excited she was to begin her internship this summer at the Chicago Children’s Theatre – a step in the direction of continuing to work with the Arts. While she knows the future is unknown, Limback only expresses positivity and grace going forward.

Limback also expressed interest she had with makeup design, showing multiple creations that she had made for the various Theatre Productions at Trinity. She continued to praise the faculty and students that take part in Trinity’s theatre department. As Limback is aware of the lack of funding the Arts get throughout schools across the state, she only has wonderful things to say about Trinity and hopes that these areas can be recognized as vital parts of a well-rounded education.