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“I feel like, I’m like a six year old coming to a place where all the adults live.”


By McKenzie Gallagher and Danielle Ely

A college education is a privilege that many students often feel lucky to ‘survive’. Can anyone say finals week? Higher education is tough. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are either a current student, or you were one just a little while ago. Imagine or remember, then, as a student, how you would cope with these many stresses if you could not communicate with your professors or peers in your first language. It would almost certainly be infinitely more challenging, but beyond that, would it also shape your identity?

“I always think, people don’t really perceive me as who I really am.”

Many international students continually wrestle with this reality, and their experiences have significant potential to alter the ways in which they think and act. Journalists at Millennial Influx were curious to explore more deeply how this reality might be affecting their fellow students. McKenzie Gallagher had the opportunity to interview a couple international students, Zhou Yu and Robin Kelman about their experiences at an american college. Zhou and Robin shared with us some of the complexities they have encountered first-hand as well as how cultural differences have affected their transitions to american education. To hear from these fascinating individuals, visit our digital interview, English as Second Language.