Allison hesitated briefly after my very first interview question about her job.

“I am an online editor at Today’s Christian Woman at Christianity Today. I also work at Wheaton College as the Journalism certificate program assistant.  I have a few other jobs as well… You want me to go into that…?”

Turns out, here is a 24-year-old female journalist with four different jobs. Along with her two main job titles, Allison is an intern at the Navigators’ 20s Mission: Chicago, and is a blogger at the Chicago Tribune Company for Chicago Now on a site called “A Daily Miracle.” Moreover, she was just recently hired to teach at Trinity Christian College for a section of public speaking, starting next spring. In the midst of her busy schedule juggling four different titles, she finds rest and refreshment through her involvement at Bloomingdale Alliance Church in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

Allison did not see these four jobs coming. Allison’s passion for journalism has grown since high school, and she knew it was a career that she wanted to pursue during her time at Wheaton College (Ill.) as a Communications major. Although Wheaton College offered both she and her twin sister a great college experience, Allison entered Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism following her graduation in 2011 to continue developing her pathway to become a working journalist. On the day after her graduation from Medill with a masters of science in journalism, she was hired by Christianity Today. Soon after that, she was asked to assist Professor Tim Morgan with the Journalism program at Wheaton College. Her efforts and passion to pursue her dreams are now opening new gates of opportunity for aspiring undergraduate journalists at Wheaton.

Allison’s Honduras Project Team

Allison’s love for people, traveling, music, and ministry have been the driving forces behind her involvement in her various jobs, including her time as a concert manager at Nashville during her college years. Through it all, Allison never stopped learning to embrace independence as a Millennial, and at the same time treasure the communities around her. However, it wasn’t the easiest for her to walk alone as a graduate student in Chicago during her time in Northwestern. She says that it was in the “uncomfortable” journey she walked in that she learned to lean onto God’s presence fully and embrace singleness to live a whole life.

There have been a number of communities Allison has gotten to encounter during her time as a journalist. Out of the many communities, she reminisces about her time visiting the Honduras community of Los Cedros last spring as the most formative experience. The community taught her to become more comfortable with herself, to trust God for provision one day at a time, and to become more selfless.

Moreover, her meeting of missionary Betsy Hake in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has allowed Allison to learn how to live as a woman of God, and also ignited her passion for stopping human trafficking worldwide (click here to read Allison’s article “The Hope Dealers of Honduras”). Allison is currently working on a book proposal about sex trafficking, and what Millenials in American church can do to stop it.

“Dream big!” says Allison. “Nothing is impossible with God.”

She encourages fellow Millennials to start writing down their wishes then go out there to do them: