A flower that grows like any other plant. It starts with putting a seed into soil.



I see a warrior. This warrior heard the cry of the people and ran to her position to enter the battle against the enemy. As the soldier approached the starting line she changed her posture. One knee fell on the ground and her hands were raised in the air. She began to praise the one who already won this battle and has declared victory.

As the stumbling footsteps proceed on the side walk towards a family friends house name Rose, a mother was guiding her daughter to a place to find direction. After three knocks on the door, it slowly opened and Rose welcomed them into her place.

“Down Syndrome. After the test taken a couple days ago, the doctors said my little girl will have Down Syndrome.” as the young mother said with tears rolling down her face. Her mother was holding her tights as she continued, “I was given a choose.” Although her and her husband had made a choose of keeping their baby, it was torn their hearts to even be offered the opportunity to have an abortion.

Crying out for help and direction she asked Rose a question, “What am I supposed to do now?”

This is the moment where the seed was planted…

Rose’s eyes opened up wide because she knew what needed to happen. There was no decision man needed to make other than to offer this to our heavenly Father. The atmosphere changed in the room as Rose starting to pray and proclaim the promise God has given to use through Scripture.IMG_7553

As months remanded of the pregnancy, Rose prayed. She prayed not only for the families’ baby girl that was being born soon, but for peace in mist of confusion, regrets and the desire of perfection surround them.

This was not just a battle Rose was taken by herself she called out to the other Prayer Warriors throughout Chicago Land.

The day came for the mom to be able give birth to her first child. The pain of deliver did not last forever, Melanie Rose was born. As the doctors went evaluate Melanie, they returned to the parents and stated the diagnosed of Melanie having Down Syndrome was incorrect.

This is the beginning of Melanie’s story which creates a picture of how much the community that surrounded her family supported them through the pregnancy in prayer.

Twenty-one years later Melanie Rose is able to share her story about a woman name Rose who helped guide and lead her mother in the right direction. Rose planted a seed before Melanie was a born and is still growing today.

Melanie state, “Rose is such a light in her life and so many people. This has encouraged me to want to be a prayer warrior, also.”

The battle is not over; Rose is still on her knees with hands raised in the air praising God for turning a test into a testimony of a young woman.