A few months have passed and Miley’s crazy act at the MTV Video Music Awards has finally started to die down.

Her album BANGERZ debuted at number 1, both of her scandalous music videos for “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” broke VEVO records and topped the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks at a time. Sure, it is easy to hate on Miley; she is rebellious, crude, a druggy, and a little unkempt. But, when you peel back the ponytails, thick red lipstick, and shaved head, you find a marketing and entertainment genius.

Think about it, she came out on the VMA stage and rocked the world. Who else has done that? None other than Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and countless others. Although their moral compasses are not as refined as those of people outside of Hollywood, they are doing their jobs well.

Miley was able to murder Hannah Montana in a matter of 5 minutes.

She took her past as the richest child star to ever have lived from an innocent, bubbly superstar, to hardcore, ghetto chick who could care less what anyone has to say. In her MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement, she stated, “I really feel like things have really begun after the VMA performance,” and “It’s not a transition, it’s a movement. For me, being a movement is us all being on the same page, like an army. I think if people could see the details, they would know that this isn’t just some mess. This is all thought out in my mind.”

She did not just go out on stage and thrash around like some drugged up idiot: she thought it out. She planned and executed. We may think she is a hot mess, losing control of her life, but she is also taking those haters right to the bank. Like it says on her left forearm, “so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat,” a quote from Teddy Roosevelt.

Although she looks a mess, when you compare her to Justin Bieber, it looks like she’s got it together.

She may have killed Hannah Montana, but she learned a lot from her. Industry professional, Janice Min, of The Hollywood Reporter, said, “Listen, we’re in an era of a government shutdown, international strife. And what are we all talking about? We’re talking about Miley Cyrus and it’s almost going into a full month. That is pop culture power.”

She knows how to manage, work, and prepare like other business women celebrities, whereas Justin Bieber is letting his fame get to him: sleeping around with prostitutes, leaving stage in the middle of a concert, and beating up photographers. Her morals may not be in tact, but she is doing exactly what she signed up to do:

Perform and sell music.

Many times, we find ourselves holding others to our moral standards without knowing them. Is Miley Cyrus a positive role model for children and teenagers? Absolutely not.

But, she is doing what she loves, and is doing it well. Unfortunately, often times, Christians are the first to throw the stones before they turn around and look at themselves. As a Christian, it is easy to look at Miley Cyrus and say, “She shouldn’t be doing that” or “she is so lost,” but what does that do?

While those things may have some validity, how are we to reach out to someone like her? She knows what she wants and she is going after it. Min later quoted, “Miley Cyrus is no Lindsay Lohan… Anyone who thinks she’s a train wreck is very wrong. This is a young woman who is completely in control of her career. She knows what she is doing.”

Miley may be going against the grain, be a little ahead of the curve, and pushing way too many envelopes, but she is doing what she knows will make her more successful. She may not uphold the morals and views that us Christians do, but we cannot deny the fact that she is going based on what she knows. She is doing what she knows how to do.

Without moral and ethical guidelines, how is she supposed to just know what is right and what is wrong? After her family falling apart after longtime tension between her parents, Miley is finally breaking free of the holds that her parents and managers held on her. Who is to say that the stress of a broken family, distant parents, and the pressures of Hollywood did not get to her? It is easy to peg Miley as a dirty rebel, but until we put ourselves in her shoes, we cannot hold judgment over her. She might be rocking the world one wrecking ball at a time, but she knows exactly where to swing.

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Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News