90’s Hip Hop Culture: Kehlani and friends Fader photoshoot

March 22, 2016- The 1990s style has been back for quite a while now, and mainly that is due to the underground, now famous music artists, such as Kehlani. The 90s style has influenced all types of fashion iconic styles. On Instagram there are a lot of fashion inspirations from Aaliyah the 90’s R&B. Such as the actress now emerging musical artist Keke Palmer. The birth of the 90’s style was due to millennials going back to the street styles that they once saw their older sister and brothers wear. Music artist helped market the 90’s style even more. This then helped stores see what they could remake to sell to the public. Consumers are now able to not only just go to thrift stores, but also go to current stores like Forever 21, Spencers, Charlotte Russe, etc. and get street style 90’s clothes.

Kehlani 90’s Tomboyish look

90’s Music was better

These new millennials are definitely attracted to the 90’s style, and maybe that is because many feel like the 90’s music was better. Maybe the millennials like the feel of nostalgia in that they are getting from their music, clothing, and culture. Taylor Swift a popular artist released her album titled, ‘1989’ in 2015.

This was the beginning of officially declaring that the 90’s style was back on the market. A lot of artists took the initiative to follow this trend of mixing and sampling 90’s hits in their music. Chris Brown sampled Keith Sweat’s Nobody for his debut hit Who’s Gonna. Kehlani a previous underground artist had sampled Montell Jones’ ‘This is How We Do It’ for her song ‘How we do us’ in 2014. This started to let young people know that the 90’s were officially back. Not to mention this past summer released the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’. This movie was set in the 90’s and based on the rap group N.W.A. This music biopic actually out sold the Johnny Cash biopic, and the Ray Charles biopic. This movie was really big for people under 30, which let many know that this is something that the younger generation is definitely interested in seeing rather than the older crowd who had already lived through the N.W.A era.

90's Hip Hop Group: For the Biopic "Straight Outta Compton"
90’s Hip Hop Group: For the Biopic “Straight Outta Compton”

Still there is still the question as to why are millennials so attracted to this 1990’s trend. With a short interview with Anathiel John-Charles, a high school senior from Chicago’s South side school Kenwood Academy, there were some interesting responses shared.

What do you think contributes to this generation’s fascination with the 90’s era?

Anathiel: Well I would have to say it might be because many of us were born during the 90’s and we were always just curious to know what the 90’s were actually like. A lot of people in my high school here at Kenwood are fascinated with how artsy they can be with their clothes and just expressive with fashion.

Do you listen to any music artist that you know take heavily from the 1990’s style?

Anathiel: Mainly, just Chris Brown and other artist.

Are they properly portraying the 90’s vibe you would say?

Anathiel: I would say that the 90’s style cannot and will not be completely recreated, because a lot of people do want to hear some modern music. So I believe that they just try to blend them, but

I do have to say Kehlani does do a very good job with portraying the 90’s vibe.

Do you think the 90’s style will fade out soon?

Anathiel: Like all trends I do believe that it is eventually going to fade out, but people have been keeping up the 90’s vibe for quite a while now. So maybe it might stick around longer than we thought. I think that we are so in love and caught up in the 90’s style and music that it may take this trend longer to die out than any other.

It seems as though most kids in this day in age feel like even though the 90’s vibe has been here for a while it might be here to stay. The fall and spring trends for 2016-2017 have said that the 70’s and 80’s would be back according to Vogue magazine. What does this mean for the 90’s vibe? In the music world it seems as though the 90’s vibe will still be here so ultimately even though other decades might appeal to the millennials. The 90’s are here to stay. The 90’s style also could mean more business for thrift stores.

According to Hashtagify.me.com the hashtag #90sfashion also links to more thrift store tags such as #hellathrifty. More and more people are starting to go to thrift stores since fashion only really repeats itself and alters the image.

The hashtag #90sfashion has been used 54 million times on Instagram. This shows how much people are into the 90’s trend now and days.

The 90’s was a great era in time in some and in some other way it was not so great. Many people maybe just love the feel of listening to genuine rap, poetry, and wearing poetic justice braids. Lots of artists’ are tweaking their sounds to appeal to society. What does all of this mean for consumers? It means that there will be a lot of throwback collections and things that give off that 90’s chill vibe. It also means that thrifting is in right now and clothes can be cheaper if you are on a budget.