The United States and its allies in South Korea are actively approaching an historic peace deal in the Korean peninsula. While tensions amounted to fierce stand offs and harsh exchanges, like when Kim Jong-un called Trump a “dotard” and Trump dubbed Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man,” the tensions subside.

Tremendous strides towards negotiation amounted to historic scenes to ever be witnessed in decades. The Korean Peninsula witnessed a state of war for decades between two factions, two political entities, within a separated Korea. For once in a long time, the vision of a Korean peace makes a historic return.

The most profound moment in the news happened at the DMZ. The ceremony would define the moment, the significance would foot in the hope for reunification between the two states. Nothing would impose the eyes of the world like the historic scene witnessed; like photos found in history books, a spectacle came over the militarized border.

Two heads of state met at the border and shook hands, Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in stood across each other, until they crossed the borderline; soon prompted, the two hugged and walked across the DMZ and proceeded. A ceremony continued. Children presented flowers to the North Korean leader. When they followed the line, with traditional music and traditionally clothed men, the carpet lead to a procession of men who also shook hands.

The significant ceremony would be the planting of trees. Both leaders used water from both sides of Korea to sustain the plants. Of the ceremonies, this moment meant cooperation between the two states. If there was a war, it seems very close an end.

Whether there will be a peace between the two states is unknown. Speculation is prompting a peace resolution. If this comes to an accord, it would bring attention to many other possibilities.

President Donald Trump is soon to visit the negotiation table in May. Among the upcoming event, pundits comment about the newfound strength in Trump’s foreign policy despite the trouble found in Syria. Peace in the Korean Peninsula would bring huge accolades to the Trump administration. If President Trump succeeds in peace between South Korea and North Korea, it would benefit his public standing and popularity.

However, the President proceeds with caution: both sides want much from each other, and there are many dilemmas the North Korean state must answer, like the question of prisoners as most nations in the region complain North Korea keeps in shackles. In light of the Otto incident, it is undoubtable that prisoners must be released for peace to prosper.

The US is pleading for the release of three prisoners: Kim Hak-song, Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Dong-chul.

Meanwhile, China meets with North Korea. Their foreign minister visited the country of North Korea and returned. Kim Jong-un visited China on surprise and met on occasions with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. There is insight when negotiations happen, every participant will meet on the DMZ and communicate a deal.

Every side involved will have to toss their hats in the circle and see if peace is possible. When the time comes, and when peace meets at the horizon, there will be likely be undeniable strides towards communication on both sides.