Being a connoisseur of movies, I have seen all the different waves of movies. I watched all the good romantic comedy flicks when they were the thing to see. I, whether it was my choice or not, bared through the Nicholas Sparks phase. Then I was extremely happy to see the horror movie trend come alive in 2004…just to see it fall all. That’s just the way to movie business, and in fact everything is: trends that go in and out of style. Now a new movie trend is in and it’s something that wouldn’t be achievable just a few short years ago. Moviegoers are now in the stage of live-action movies and reboots.
Last year we saw the jungle book come to life and it was a huge success. I believe the biggest reason for this movie, and many others, is that the target audience right now for movies are the 90’s babies. These are the kids that actually grew up with movies like the jungle book, beauty and the beast, Mulan, and many more that are set to get their time on the big screen. As children, we adored these movies and in my opinion it was better that we weren’t introduced to them in their live-action forms today. We are able to appreciate it more because we were there from the very beginning and can now see it for what it can be.
This goes for the reboots as well. Reboots or remakes are movies or a series of movies that is completely different from the previous one, even if it contains the same name. In doing this, you are able to recreate characters, timelines, backstories, etc. With the point I said above, it ties in with this as well when looking at movies like Power Rangers. The TV shows and movies were great growing up, but now with the advance in technology and the way we feel about the movies it’s time to give the fans what they deserve. However, there are other reasons besides this for the increase in reboots and remakes. Take for instance Spiderman, who is widely known and extremely popular. Spiderman is underway with its second reboot: you had Tobey Maguire’s original Spiderman, Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spiderman, and now you have Tom Holland’s Spiderman Homecoming. The new reboot is being done in order to add to the already growing trend of superhero movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the earlier movies, there were copyright issues and owning rights that didn’t permit the web slinger to be on the big screen with such names as captain America or Iron man. Luckily, with this new reboot, we are able to see Earth’s mightiest heroes all together.
Reboots also attempt to give life back into movies or series that either didn’t live up to expectations the first time around or did great enough to possibly work again. Fantastic Four was rebooted back in 2015 because of the original two films flop at the box office. Unfortunately, the older movies look good compared to this reboot, making it a failed attempt at restoration. King Kong, on the other hand, is a completely different story. King Kong has been successful since it began back in 1933. It was rebooted a few times between then and now, having eight movies in total, with a ninth coming in 2020. With the iconic character of King Kong, it only makes since to keep making movies and reboots, riding it out until he is no longer relevant. To see the 1933 movie and Kong: Skull Island with how far we have come with the movie industry, it’s almost overwhelming how great the industry is doing. It’ll be interesting seeing what the next trend will bring.