Photo credit: Washington Post

Not that politics appeals to my daily interests, or quite frankly, any millennial’s, I do find this 2016 Election, and more specifically, the Republican Candidates in this Election to be rather intriguing. Yes, there is a Bush and a Clinton; however, there are two candidates that are making every American’s (even the millennial’s) head turn. Interestingly enough, these two outsiders are leading in the Republican Polls. America in its entirety, from senior citizens to young adults, is sick of the corrupt politicians in Washington. We aren’t interested in another Bush or Clinton, or any politician for that matter that represents the same insincere promises we have all heard with no change for the past 15 years.

More specifically, being a part of the millennial generation, I hear and understand the concern our generation faces. We have constantly been warned by our more conservative parents about the repercussions of our country turning away from our core beliefs. We also have the misfortune of the growing debt on our hands that we have had no part in creating. According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, “The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.94 billion per day since September 30,2012.” This is an immense problem the U.S. faces, and the problem will be on the plates of the youth as time progresses. Our generation isn’t interested in insincere promises made by corrupt politicians and we are done letting this country be ran by demoralizing men from Washington.

Well, leading in the Republican Candidate Polls is exactly what America wanted, Washington outsiders. It is no surprise that the outsiders, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, lead the Republican Candidate Polls, Trump at 32% and Carson at 19%. Both of these men have no political background or affiliation, just the love and passion to lead their Country the right way: free from corruptness. These two outsiders help emphasize the weight that this coming election holds. Our country has arguably never been more divided than it is now. Carson and Trump are not campaigning the same way as other Washington candidates whose campaigns are built off of huge party’s donations and donors. The big-money donors often control campaigns and force candidates to run their campaign the way they want it to be ran. These donors often push the candidates to have views that would be beneficial to their personal needs or success. Carson is building money from genuine donations and support and Trump is fueling his campaign out of his own pocket. These two men are changing the face of politics in America and it’s about time. Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director reports, “Carson also has enthusiasm at his side. Republicans are more than twice as likely to say they would be enthusiastic with Carson at the top of the ticket than if Rubio, Cruz, Walker or Bush led the GOP into 2016, and while he and Trump are about even in enthusiasm (43% would be enthusiastic if Carson got the nod, 40% if Trump did), fewer say they would be disappointed if Carson emerged the victor (20% would be dissatisfied or upset if Carson won, 32% if Trump did).” These polls among many others reveals that America desperately needs the outsider, but who will it be? Ben Carson or Donald Trump?

Trump and Carson lead the Republican Candidate Polls and are favorited among American’s because they do not come from Washington, but out of these two outsiders, who has what it takes? This election is the first in many years where I see young adults actually showing interest, maybe because a brain surgeon and successful businessman are in the running to lead our country, but either way, this election carries an enormous amount of weight for America’s future and I think the millennial’s finally realize this. And although these two outsiders are categorized in the same, they couldn’t be more different. Yes, they are both running for the Republican Candidate and yes they are both from outside of Washington, however they couldn’t come from more different backgrounds or have a more opposite personality.

If you turn on the news, talk to a group of friends, or turn up the radio and politics is being discussed then I’m sure you’ve heard enough about Donald Trump. He sure knows how to get attention and somehow it must be working. Trump, an arrogant billionaire, came from money but has grown his family business into an empire. He is a smart and savvy businessman, deal maker and as Erin Carlyle from Forbes Staff writes, a “a survivor: having gone through a corporate bankruptcy that, according to our research left his personal net worth in the red in the 1990s, Trump clawed himself back to enormous wealth”. Trump seems to have what it takes to run an empire so why can’t he run a country? Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!” had appeared to resinate with many voters. Apparently Republicans are trusting him and appreciating his bluntness, but if he wins as the republican candidate I’m not sure he’ll have what it takes to win over the less conservative republicans and especially more liberal democrats. His brashness and attitude might get him attention but our country’s leader needs to win the respect of its people before being able to run an empire.

In contrast, if you’re flipping through news channels or browsing through the paper, you might not hear or see much about Ben Carson. What you will hear is that he is catching up to Trump, but taking a different route to climb to the top. In the Republican Candidates Debates, Carson didn’t get as many questions as Trump, Bush, or Cruz did or fight to be heard, but he did speak eloquently and with respect and intelligence when asked a question. He stole my attention in the debate because he was one among very few of the candidates that was not attacking or disrespectful to fellow candidates. Rich Lowry from Politico Magazine says, “Carson’s rise suggests that its possible to catch the populist wave roiling Republican politics and yet not be an obnoxious braggart who abuses anyone who crosses him and will say or do anything as long as he’s getting attention. Ben Carson is a superior outsider to Donald Trump”. If this is true then it seems we have answered who the best outsider to run our country is, however, Carson has some obstacles to get through before claiming the prize. Carson is very intelligent and well respected but some might say his soft spoken-ness is going to be too hard to hear out when going against someone like Trump.

American’s have two interesting outsiders and other Washington politicians who are in the running to be the leader of this country. This may be the most important election there has ever been because of how divided our country has become so we need to thoughtfully ask ourselves, do we need the successful but arro