There is no denying that art plays a significant role in all of our lives whether we are creating art or simply viewing it. There is no one correct way of defining art. If you asked a thousand different people what art is you would receive a thousand different yet equally valid answers. This article puts the spotlight on Makayla Cole, a young artist who “does it all”: drawing, painting, and photography.


Growing up Makayla recalls being surrounded by art. Art and music were important to the entire Cole family. Her father attended the Art Institute. Following in her father’s footsteps, Makayla’s older sister became an artist as well. Initially Makayla did not believe that she would become an artist like her father and sister. Instead she focused all of her energy on music. However, her path would soon change.


Makayla’s early life was not always easy. During times of trouble art provided her with a creative outlet. She often looked to art as a way of expressing herself without the fear of being judged. As she has grown up Makayla has learned to have a deep appreciation for art. She views it as a way for people to learn who they truly are. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves without worrying about the world judging them. For this reason our  society should place a high value on artistic expression.

One artist who Makayla has been inspired by is Claude Monet. Claude Monet was a French painter born in 1840. He was an influential part of the Impressionist movement. Artists in this era rejected the notion that art must be realistic and rely solely on what the eyes see. His work features colorful nature scenes executed with loose brush strokes. Makayla appreciates his loose brush strokes and uses a similar technique in her own work. Since Makayla discovered Monet she has developed a deeper respect for Monet and the Impressionist style of painting.


A quote by Monet sums up one of Makayla’s core beliefs about art. “ Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” When some people look at art they cannot truly enjoy it if they cannot some sort of meaning behind it that they can connect to on a personal level. This quote reminds her that she does not need to find some sort of deep meaning in order to like a peace of art.


A turning point for Makayla came during one of her first art classes. She recalls being pushed hard to succeed by her teacher. Her teacher recognized something unique in Makayla’s artwork. Her teacher’s encouragement helped to cultivate a desire to succeed in Makayla.


Today Makayla is a college student majoring in marketing. She has also become interested in fashion and photography. She is very active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. She has also created a blog to share her love of fashion with the world. She is currently teaching herself the art of fashion illustration. This involves learning how to draw models and clothing. She hopes to apply these skills to her future career.In the future art will continue to be a major part of Makayla’s life. She believes that no person can live a full life without art. Art will like a large part of Makayla’s career. She aspires to have a career in the fashion and music industry. She hopes to one day become an editor for a fashion magazine.


If she could give young artists one piece of advice it would that they should “be who they want to be.” Many artists become discouraged when everyone tries to tell them what they can or cannot do in terms of art. She encourages young artists to be themselves and never let anyone put them down. She wants all artists to have the ability to be free and express themselves.