As a senior at Trinity Christian College, Megan Wise plans to graduate this May with a Communications major. She chose a Communications major based on her passion for talking with people and writing. She thought of majoring in English, but she believes that she can accomplish more and be better rounded with a Communications major.

During her time as a student at Trinity Christian College, Megan has been heavily active on campus and in the student body. One way that she has been most involved is through her Resident Assistant (RA) position.

Megan became interested in being an RA as she became close with her RA as a freshman. She also lived with RAs her sophomore and junior year, which also influenced her to become an RA herself stating, “Through living with RAs, I got to learn what involvement was required with being an RA”. She also stated that she likes to have control over what events could take place on a floor. Her favorite part about being an RA is, “the team and how we work together. I also like bringing the residents together and being able to serve them”.

Megan has enjoyed her time as an RA.

Once asked what challenges she faces as an RA, she couldn’t think of much. She mentioned that, “as a senior and graduating soon, it can be challenging to have further responsibilities than just school”. Shortly after stating this, she mentioned that her attitude determines her position as an RA and the difficulties she faces. She said, “It’s really what you make of it. I don’t have moments where I regret being an RA”.

After turning in her application and having an interview, In the Spring of 2016 Megan received the offering of the RA position for the Fall/Spring 2016-2017 school year; her senior year. Megan is an RA for Tibstra Hall, which is upperclassman apartment housing. She lives with three others in her room and she has about 30 residents on her floor.

Megan enjoys her position as an RA as a Communications major because it has allowed her to gain personal experience in communicating with those she works with and those she is serving as an RA. She has enjoyed being on an RA leadership team, which consists of her and 9 others. Working with a team has challenged her to communicate clearly so that everyone is on the same page. Along with this, Megan has also enjoyed serving the people on her floor by intentionally getting to know them. She has gotten to know them through simple conversations whenever she happens to see them and by hosting floor events, usually involving food. When asked what events Megan puts on for her residents, she stated, “mostly just like food events. People like food”.

Finally, her word of advice for anyone who accepts the position of an RA is, “trust your instincts”. She elaborated that at the beginning of the year she was nervous that people wouldn’t have fun at her events or be appreciative of what she did for them. This thought quickly diminished for her because she learned that whatever she did to provide entertainment, her residents enjoyed it. She stated, “just by showing that I care for them is all that really matters.”