Pure Michigan. That is the slogan that draws people into the mitten state. What makes it so pure though? I have lived in Michigan my whole life and I still have not found something that I do not like about it, except for the roads, sometimes they can get to be bumpy because of the pot holes from the winter before. Michigan is a great vacation spot for many people to come and visit.

I asked a couple of people who also live in Michigan and a few people who come to Michigan to visit and vacation where their favorite spot is in the mitten. I received a variety of different responses. The most common favorite places to visit are Holland, next Mackinac Island, and finally Silver Lake.

Holland, Michigan is a great tourist attraction without all the tourist traps that are normally around a popular vacation site. One of the times that is popular to visit Holland is during the Tulip Time festival which happens at the beginning of May. I have participated many times in this festival and every time it is a new experience of celebrating the Dutch culture that originally found Holland. That is only one example of a good time to visit Holland. During the summer many people will migrate up to the cottages that are located just off of the shores of Lake Michigan. Another pull to Holland is 8th street in downtown. This town has a rustic and community appeal that it has not lost over time. Many people who live in Holland enjoy strolling up and down 8th street listening to the different street performers and looking into the different shop windows. Also, downtown has many different delicious restaurants that draw people in. I have not been in one restaurant yet that I did not like the food.

Another key destination in Michigan is Silver Lake. This area has many different attractions that calls people in. The main attraction is the sand dunes that people can ride on with their own motorized vehicle, or they can rent one to use in the dunes. I have never been to these dunes, but I have had many friends go and every time they come home with great tans and funny stories. If a person is not big into riding in the dunes, Sliver Lakes has other options for those individuals. There is a new brewery that has just recently opened called Big Hart Brewing Company. It is starting off with 12 different beers that a person can come in and taste. Not only will there be beer for the adult but there will also be food for the families that comes in. Michigan is beginning to be known for the different craft beers that are being produced in a variety of microbreweries around the state. This new brewery opening is special because it is the first microbreweries in Oceana County. General Manager Phil Thomson in the journal article First brewery for this rural Lake Michigan country set to open stated, “We want to shine a light on Hart and what it has to offer.”

Mackinac Island is a beautiful place to be all year round depending on what a person is interested in. During the spring, summer, and fall months one can access this island by traveling on a boat. On Tripadvisor.com a traveler asked the question, “Best time to visit?” There was 202 people who responded to this post with a variety of different comments. Mainly it all matters on a person’s preference and what an individual would like to see. A main draw to this island is what makes this island truly unique and that is that there is no motorized vehicles on the island except for during the winter when the ice bridge is open. The way that an individual can travel around the island during the non-snowy months is by horse drawn carriage, bicycles, or by his own two feet. During the winter months, the people who enjoy snowmobiling can access the island by crossing on the ice bridge that is between the mainland and Mackinac Island.
Some may question if Michigan is really as pure as the tourist sights make it out to be. Being a resident of the state I will say that Michigan does have its downfalls like many other states, but in my heart I do see Michigan as pure. The people who live in Michigan have a love for their state which makes this place so special where ever a tourist goes. Some people would ask a Michigander what the best time of year to visit Michigan is. I would have to say the fall when the leaves are turning color. Driving up north with the family and admiring the colors that are painted on the trees is the perfect family vacation. No matter what time of year a person decide to go to Michigan, there is always something to do in pure Michigan.