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Everyone loves to vacation because it means time off from work, school, responsibilities and the daily commotion life throws your way. This time off is traded for time to adventure, try new things, relax and be refreshed sometimes without a schedule even set in place. Across the world, people love vacations — especially college students.

At Wheaton College, spring break marks the halfway point of the spring semester and the end of quad classes. Leading up to the gloriously anticipated break, students have to face the dreaded week of midterms during which they are flooded with papers, presentations, projects and endless studying for exams. Perhaps the only thing that gets students through the week is the light at the end of the tunnel — spring break!

Spring break at Wheaton College tends to be different from that of other institutions of higher education. Although there are people do the typical break of going to the beach to escape the Chicago winter for a few days, some students at Wheaton take this time to go on mission trips, participate in service projects or travel home to spend time with their families whether that is down the road in Wheaton or halfway across the world.

As we get closer to spring break, we asked Wheaton students what they are doing over their break, the motives behind why they are going there and what they are most looking forward to.

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Have a wonderful spring break!


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