Meredith 2On the last day of fifth grade, Meredith Manchester was patiently waiting in the kickball line for her turn. This feisty girl was minding her own business when Michael walked in front of the shy girl at the front of the lin e. Michael, or the “line demolisher,” had been cutting kickball lines since he could walk, and this was something that the fifth graders had gotten used to.

But not today. Meredith was sick and tired of the “line demolisher” and refused to allow him to take advantage of yet, another, shy girl. She walked right up to the front of the line, and before the ball reached Michael, she pushed him on the ground and the entire fifth grade class erupted in applause at her brave actions. This moment of recognition was one that made Meredith realize her brave actions and when she became known as a “bully heroine” of sorts.

Meredith 4This feisty fifth grader has since refined her ways to fit into the adult world and Meredith has channeled her “bully heroineness” to protect the vulnerable people of the world from the “ironic injustices of the justice system” as she likes to call them through her newfound love of journalism.

MeredithShe will graduate from Wheaton College with a degree in International Relations, a minor in Communications and a certificate in Urban Studies. After spending a semester doing “Wheaton in Chicago,” a program where Wheaton students live, eat, work, sleep and immerse themselves into Chicago’s culture, she developed a passion for those who cannot speak up for themselves and though she is unsure of how that will translate into her post-Wheaton life, she is curious to see what opportunities come her way.

TennisHonestly, I’m just as curious, because Meredith’s interests are just as diverse as her academic endeavors. Not only is she a devoted bully heroine, she is a big time tennis player and will be heading to St. Loius on Thursday to participate in a NCAA tournament with the team. 

Meredith 3She’s one of the funniest people you will ever encounter … ever. Her sense of humor is candid, unique and simply on point. She is the master of many things, and she will begin to shine as she figures out what she will do with all her many developing passions. But one thing will remain, the bully heroine will never die, no matter what form it takes in her future life.