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Have you ever thought what you would want to do after college? Maybe start your own company? Have you ever thought what you might want to do after you have retired? Robert De Niro successfully gives us a glimpse into what it would be like to be a motivated retiree who still seeks the joys and challenges of the working world, not for the sake of money, but for the sake of productivity and new experiences.

Still playing in all the regional movie theaters, The Intern is a great movie to see as we all work towards our educational degrees, to eventually have a career. This movie is also good for all generations as it relates to the millennial Pinterest generation and to those getting discounts with their AARP cards at theaters around the nation. More companies have been started with the intuitive minds of the millennial generation in recent years and this is exactly what The Intern is all about. It tells the story of a young woman who had recently started her own online clothing company.  

This movie can be largely relatable to our era as students within our very own school are showing that they have the ability to start successful companies as well. There is a company that is making waves, featured in Teen Vogue, which was started by students on the Wheaton College campus. True Bandages, bandages for all skin tones, is going to give Band-Aid brand a run for their money. Just as 20-something’s started this company on our very own campus, The Intern is descriptive about a specific young woman’s clothing company that changed the way women and men shop online, making sure that the fit you receive in the mail is exactly what you expected when it was bought. Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the CEO and founder of the warehouse turned trendy company. What makes this movie so impactful and engaging is the character of Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) who becomes an Intern for Jules Ostin, seeking stimulating growth at the ripe age of 70 after having retired from his job of 40 years.

The character of Ben Whittaker is what I aspire to become in my life and is the main reason I think all of us at Wheaton College should go see the movie The Intern. Not only did I respect his wisdom and advice to the 24 year olds working in the office along with him, but  I mostly appreciated his willingness and desire to learn. He did not think that because he was a widower and 70 years old that he had to give up on life and waste away to nothing. He wanted to engage his mind and grow in who he was as a person. As Christians I feel that this is a vital lesson for us to learn. We are never finished in our pursuit of growth and bettering ourselves. We are never finished in learning how to deal with different age groups and types of people. We are never done in seeking wisdom and how to be a servant to others. Ben Whittaker represented the type of person that I believe we all should be as we accept new jobs and enter the world of work relationships, with humbleness and a readiness to become a more well rounded individual.

Don’t just take my word for the positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave a 60% review for The Intern and many reviewers believed that the leads, Hathaway and De Niro had excellent chemistry in portraying this pertinent theme to the millennial generation. Manohla Dargis also stated that she “never wanted to look away” from the character that Robert De Niro played in this movie, in the NYTimes article review of this movie. Overall many agree that the compelling relationship dynamic between Hathaway and De Niro’s characters that initiate a conversation that millennials need to hear. As innovative and brilliant as many of our millennial generation has become, the wisdom from those older and more experienced than us can only benefit the future companies we create.

This movie will inspire you to continue to hunger for learning even after you exit the classroom.