Through poring his heart into his songs and letting the world know how he feels about different issues such as politics, racism, and love, rapper Drake Harper will leave a mark on this earth.

Song writer, impressionist, baseball card collector, drawer, and from the hood, Drake Harper is a man who is striving for the best that life has to offer.

Drake is an inspiration for all children because he is wanting to get a better education to help him in his life and to help his reach his dreams. While talking to him, I could tell that striving for the best grades that he can get was very important to him, and his family has a part to play in that. As of right now, he is a student at Trinity Christian College majoring in the communication arts. He hopes to use this major to pursue a career in music and go after his dream to be a rapper and a song writer.

Drake identifies himself with the hood, but he wants something more in life and his parents are the ones who are his top supporters. They are the kind of parents that place their children’s needs before their own and want them to have the best that life can offer. They do this by encouraging Drake to have good grades and achieve success in his life.drake

“My mom pushed me to get good grades. Before high school and even in some of high school I wasn’t the best student.”

Drake’s mom saw more in him then he saw in himself. She pushed him to get better grades and achieve the honor roll with his academics. As I listened to Drake talk about his parents and how they support him and his sister by wanting them to have a good education I realized how much love they had for their children in wanting them to have a good life.

They decided not to send Drake and his sister to public school, but sent them to a privet Christian school. Drake does not know how he would have turned out if he went to a public school, and he is thankful that his parents sent him to a private school. After high school, Drake decided to continue his education at Trinity Christian College. His mother is still one of his main supporters in encouraging him to keep his grades up.

While interviewing Drake, I realized how important music is to him. In about every question that came up he would somehow bring some aspect of music into it. There are many people who want to have a career in music, but it takes drive to make sure that you make it to where it count. With his passion for music and his drive to pursue his dreams, Drake may be a rapper that people will hear about someday.

Drake’s most influential person in the music industry was Tupac. “If he did not die he would have been a great president, at least better then the choices that we have now.”

Throughout his life he has written 23 songs. “This is a way that I let out my feelings.” At the end of the interview, I asked him if he had the attention of every person on earth for one minute, what would he say? He brought up some of the controversial topics that people have been bringing up recently. Perhaps with his music he will be able to reach those who need to hear a voice in the darkness.

Not only does Drake care about his education and his music, he cares about his family and his friends that are around him. Drake has a father, mother, older sister, and a brother-in-law. His family are his top supporters in life. As Drake reflects on his family life he knows that he wants to have his own family in the future, but first he wants to establish himself in his career before he starts a family.

“I want to focus on my music, then start my own family,” Drake stated in his interview.

He also wants his children to be able to go to school and get a good education like his parents gave to him. He told me that he wants to live the middle class life where he is comfortable and he has what he needs and can do what he wants.

If I met Drake Harper on the streets, I would have seen him as a normal man who is walking through life like the rest of us. He is quite the contrary and he wants to make a difference in this world. Through poring his heart into his songs and letting the world know how he feels about different issues such as politics, racism, and love, Drake Harper will leave a mark on this earth.

He encourages children to work hard at the education that is provided for them and to try and achieve the dreams that they have.