Charcoal has many uses such as: cooking, fuel, firework making, purification, art, and medicine. People find many different used for charcoal. Yet, they keep finding more. In the past year, I have witnessed an uprise in the use of activated charcoal in beauty products. Activated charcoal is Carbon that has an increase in absorbance, something that has been around for years.

I keep hearing and seeing people rave about activated charcoal through articles on Facebook. These articles explain the benefits of activated charcoal. Even my own mother bought me charcoal infused body wash this past Christmas.

So why Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal proves to draw dirt, chemicals, poison, and bacteria out of pores, almost like a magnet. This causes a fight against clogged pores, also known as acne, that many are self-conscious about.

It appears that many already know about the benefits of using activated charcoal in their beauty routine. Just typing “charcoal” into a search engine brings up these top suggestions: ‘charcoal mask’ and ‘charcoal peel off mask’.

It hasn’t stopped at just skincare though. People also use activated charcoal as a way to clean teeth. I have seen Youtube videos where people smear charcoal onto their teeth, turning their whole mouth black, claiming that the charcoal will draw out all the impurities in their mouth.

Activated Charcoal is easy to find.

I first discovered the benefits of activated charcoal through Facebook videos. Since then, I have seen an abundance of beauty products infused with activated charcoal sold at local stores. The other day I walked into Walgreens and on my way to the dental care aisle I spotted at least five different charcoal masks, body washes, and face washes.

Due to the pricing of some of the masks, people have started to make their own charcoal masks. Here’s one of many DIY videos I found on Youtube. Many of these videos have millions of views, which causes me to believe that many are interested in this trend.

As this trend is still on the rise, I’m curious to see how long it will last. Will it simply be a fad? Or is activated charcoal a revolutionary discovery to the beauty world?