Everyone tells you that college will be the best four years of your life. Which is true, and college clearly has been an amazing experience for Moriah Reeves. But there is something that glistens in her eyes that reveals how excited she is for this next chapter to come after graduation this December. IMG_4938

There is the group of college graduates who just cannot move on from their glory days and then there are the Moriah’s of the world. Even though a chapter full of excitement is ending, she makes everyone wish to be exactly where she is. Moriah leads her life with dignity and maturity.

Growing up with five brothers, Moriah has had several instances where she has had to take responsibility. Unlike children who grow up with a few to no siblings, Moriah has been an independent, stable older sister.

179554_3821278102817_2094147906_n One dramatic and life-changing event that rockeds world was her junior year of high school when one of her best friends died. Teens are not taught how to deal with mortality in high school and when friends pass away at such a young age it leaves their close friends confused and broken. Her friend came down with a cold and four days later he died. Moriah had no idea how someone she loved so much could be lost so quickly. Death of a young friend is the heaviest burden imaginable for a teen.  But Moriah came out with an insightful outlook on life. While some people are broken by hardship, some come out stronger. Moriah chose to be strong.

Moriah is not like the typical 21 year old. Family has shaped her as well as her relationship with the Lord. She has big plans for her future–a dream that shows a bit more of exactly who this dignified woman is through who she dreams of becoming and being remembered as: someone who gives unconditionally;  someone who gives with all her being through time, possessions, love, kindness, and emotions.10295547_10203190745921834_8444543896992680699_o

The women who dream of becoming fashion designers or CEOs are inspiring but the women who change the world by small acts of love and kindness are the women like Moriah or the late Betsie ten Boom, Moriahs role model.

If Moriah could sit down and have a meal with anyone dead or alive, Moriah chose Betsie ten Boom. Betsie ten Boom was a Dutch woman who, with her family, hid Jews in their home from the Nazis. Betsie’s sister was Corrie ten Boom, whose life story is told in the 1971 best-seller, The Hiding Place, one of Moriah’s favorite books.

Betsie ten Boom was a woman who saw the good in every situation. She kept her focus above the waters where many would feel like they were drowning in. In The Hiding Place, Betise says, “Whenever we cannot love in the old, human way . . . God can give us the perfect way.” Moriah’s greatest gift is that she has realized this at the young age of 21. She chooses to love and give to the best of her ability. And when she cannot, she trusts and leans on God.

Moriah notes that ten Boom is exactly the kind of woman she hopes to be. Someone who gives no matter what the need is. Someone who lives to help and be kind. Someone who gives, with their time and earthly possessions, generously to those in need. Moriah stated that she wants to always be someone who givesand her actions prove this.

1236687_10201377984403929_1395210666_nMoriah desires to be the single most important thing anyone can be: an always-loving mother and spouse. She says that she would love a career but ultimately she wants to be a mom and a good one at that. This answer is humble and speaks a lot to who Moriah is as a person. She could have chosen anything to say but the humble answer of being a caregiver shows exactly who she is.

Moriah is not someone who simply says they want to be remembered as giving and kind but she is someone who already is giving and kind. She has mastered what it means to be a woman who can give and love unconditionally. The glisten in her eyes while talking about her family, her boyfriend and best friend Timmy, and her next chapter ahead of her proves to anyone she talks to that she will make a difference, even if it is simply through small, unnoticed acts of love.