According to science, certain whale species are currently on the verge of becoming extinct in part due to hunting.  This is true if you are only looking in the oceans.

But if you look on land, and take a look at the youth of today, you will see that whales are actually thriving and living among us. They have even learned how to use Netflix!  Now I ask you to take a second look at these whales, and now that your eyes have adjusted to the horrendous sight–that’s right. They were never whales at all. They are actually our children.

“Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past three decades. The percentage of children between ages 6 and 11 considered obese has increased from 6.5 percent in 1980 to 19.6 percent in 2008; in adolescents between 12 and 19, it has increased from 5 percent to 18.1 percent”[1].

So what evil is responsible for this turn?  Why are all of the world’s children slowly becoming voluminous potbellied porpoises?  The evil, my friends, is technology.

There’s no doubt about it, technology has made our lives easier.  We now have cars to transport us from place to place.  Phones that double as computers (did I mention we have computers), video games, and the ability to watch almost any program you want, whenever you want to watch it (pretty nifty, huh!).  Technology has made things easier for us, but it has come with a cost.  It has turned the children of the world into a bunch of lazy porkers of ample proportion.

In traditional human history, children were active.  They went outside to play and they helped around with chores (most of which are now obsolete due to technology).  And most of the time, the boys had to start working before they even hit puberty.  Also the food was always natural and healthier for you than most of the food you see today.  I’m no historian, but I’m also willing to bet that they didn’t have a bunch of snack food lying around in excess back then either.

Why on earth would you play hide and seek and kickball when you can control a magic dinosaur robot from the future and destroy the Dominican Republic from your couch?

Today, these whales (children),  live a much different life style.  Who wants to play outside anymore?  Why on earth would you play hide and seek and kickball when you can control a magic dinosaur robot from the future and destroy the Dominican Republic from your couch?  Why would you go pretend to be a super hero when you can control one?  You can accomplish feats that are impossible for anyone to do in the real life!  Real life seems boring now doesn’t it?  That’s probably how these kids, who know nothing but this world of entertainment, think!

And what are these chubby piglets doing while they play their video games and watching their Netflix?  They are stuffing their face holes with junk food!  They aren’t even thinking about it either.  They are just playing their games and stuffing their mouth with junk.  It’s not even because they are really hungry either, it’s because they are used to always being satisfied, and this prevents them from feeling hunger.

This is a serious concern from a health standpoint, but also as a moral standpoint.  The children of the world are now becoming too obsessed with the new forms of technology, and are too used to the system of instant gratification—like that the Internet provides.  And this is corrupting their work ethic.  If a child wants to know something, they no longer have to take time out of their day to call someone or search for the information they need in a book.  Instead they can just look up the information they need for free, instantly on Google or on some other search engine.  Today, our tractor-sized tykes do not have to be disciplined, wait for things, or put in as much hard work into their daily lives like they used to, and as a direct result, they are lazy.

If you are lazy and self absorbed on your own constant gratification, then how are you supposed to contribute positively towards society?  I don’t think it’s possible!  I’m not going to say I’m a prophet, but these hippo children might just be growing into nothing but liabilities.

However, there is a way to fix this worldly epidemic.  We have the technology.  (See what I just did there?)  The solution?  Educate the parents!  If parents are educated about the issue then they can set up rules for their own little fatty to follow.  And that will hopefully include less technology use, more physical activity, and better eating habits!

This stuff ain’t rocket science!