Wheaton College is one of the premier evangelical colleges in the nation. The school is distinctive because of its commitment to preparing students to live as Christians. In order to attend the school, Wheaton Students must sign a Community Covenant. This document provides guidelines on how to live in a Christian community. The statement includes everything from not drinking to not lying. However, as with any prohibition, there will be an underground, people who will break the covenant.

“If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow. -Emile Zola”

Writers Stephen Watts and Maryam Bighash at Millennial Influx conducted interviews with over six students who describe themselves part of the “Wheaton Underground,” which means they participate in activities such as sex (outside of marriage), drugs, and alcohol or are simply part of the LGBTQ.

By talking to these students, we found out exactly why they break the rules that they agreed to follow and what alienated them from the college that they attend.

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