April 4,2016– Kristen Speelman has a heart for art. When interviewed with her on Monday she had a positive outlook on what art is. Most people do not think about art as much, but as an art major I guess art is something that has to be brought up a lot of times in order to actually get to where you are headed in life. We did not get to talk too much about her personal background because most of the questions were centered around art, and it’s stance in society. Kristen is a young woman who is figuring out what she wants to do with her life. As a business and art student she is thinking the advertising job would fit her better. She stands alone when the time comes for her to get focused in her art or photography work.


Growing up she always went to schools focusing on art so she always knew that when the time came in college she would major in the Fine Arts. Society is something she focuses on when talking about art. As she feels that you can tell a lot about art and society from the way leave art. As a vital role in her life she has decided to be a Graphic Designer someday that works in advertising. This even leads into her love of photography specifically nature photography. My favorite quote by from the interview would be, “Sometimes the lens can see things that you can’t. Like the little droplets of water on a window or things like that.” This reminds me as a fellow artist that sometimes, and at most times art is deeper than what people initially take it for. Art has a deeper meaning and that is clearly what Kristen is saying there. Nature shots gives her a way to appreciate God’s creation. She does not like to do a lot of setup and nature shots lets her be able to not do that.

The outdoors is her inspiration, and also God being the greatest artist of all. As a photographer she has learned how things are and how God has created them. Cityscapes and nature combined helps her become even more inspired to paint. Van Gogh is her favorite painter. The love of his paintings for her comes alive because his paintings are part reality and imagination.


Constructive criticism has helped her grow a lot as an artist. To tie it all together her greatest art triumph has come from being named an honorable mention by Ryan Thompson at her high school. Her greatest failure is ceramics, and dealing with the creation of making pots — which did not turn out well. Also to grow as an artist she is taking more classes in the art field and even a challenging typography class to help her understand the graphics.


To young artist Kristen would say, “To not give up on their art ever. Don’t let anyone put you down, and never give up on a piece of art, because you just have to keep with it. And in the end you will make something beautiful. Even if it does not turn out exactly how you thought it would you will still make something awesome, and be able to grow from the mistakes you made. And be able to apply that to future pieces of art.”