To clarify, the kids in the featured picture are too young for marriage, but I, on the other hand, am twenty-two years old, about to graduate college, and engaged.

I proposed to my now-fiancé on Easter Sunday, and we are getting married this summer. Was I planning on getting married so young? No. Actually, my plan was to graduate single, land a decent job in the city, work a few years, and eventually find a nice girl at my local church. At least that’s what I thought my love life would be. Fortunately, someone had a different plan in mind, which involved me getting married at a much younger age than I expected. And I am so happy and excited to be marrying young!

According to Ross Douthat, in his post Late Marriages and Its Consequences in The New York Times, the average age at which people are getting married in the United States has increased to a historical high—the average marrying age for women is at 27 and for men at 29 years. I agree with the author that this trend is not positive for our country and culture.

Here are some reasons why it’s okay for you to get married young:

1. You will be happier.

This statement itself should make you want to settle down. In 5 Good Reasons To Get Married While You’re Young, “according to the National Marriage Project’s 2013 “Knot Yet” report, the highest percentage of people ages 20 to 28 who consider themselves “highly satisfied” with their lives are married, as opposed to single or cohabiting.”

2. You will get to grow up and grow old together.

3. You are fighting holiness.

Today’s culture is ruining the sanctity of marriage through the tolerance of sex beyond the marriage bed. But God has given us the best way to enjoy sex within the meaningful covenant of marriage. I’m not saying you should marry someone just to have sex—that would be a mistake. But getting married young helps guard the holiness of you and your spouse.

4. You will have more sex.

“Dana Rotz of Harvard University wrote that ‘a four year increase in age at marriage is associated with a couple having sex about one less time per month’” ( 5 Good Reasons To Get Married While You’re Young). Basically…statistically, you’ll have more frequent sex if you marry young, compared to people who marry later in life and your single peers.

 5. It’s more fun to have a kid than a dog.

At the end of the day, a dog is nothing compared to your own child. Stephen says it well in his post, Ten Darn Good Reasons to Get Married and Have Kids Young“You will not spend eternity worshiping Jesus with your dog.”

6. It’s more fun to play with your kids when you’re young.

When you’re young it’s much easier to run around the yard and play with your kids. You have a lot more energy to keep up when you’re young. Imagine starting to have kids at 35 plus. Do you want to be that parent mistaken as a grandparent at your kids graduation? I know I don’t.

7. You will never really be ready.

You can always make an excuse not to get married. You can always make more money and visit more places in the world. If you get married young, you can do all those things with people who love you.

8. You may make more money (at least the man might).

An analysis of American Community Survey data from 2008 to 2010 revealed that among men in their mid-30s, those who married in their 20s had the highest levels of personal income. Economists have found, in general, that married men earn more than single men– even when you control for other factors like age and education” (5 Good Reasons To Get Married While You’re Young).

I am stoked to be start the next chapter of my life with someone, who will go through the tough and good times by my side. Here’s my last advice:

9. Marry your best friend and spend as much time with this person as possible.

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