By: Lillian Mejia-Gautreau

One hundred years ago in 1920, women won the right to vote in national elections. Today, women are not only essential in voting, they are winning elections.

A century after the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, half of US adults say that giving women the right to vote has been the most important milestone in advancing the position of women in the country.

Women have not hesitated to take advantage of the right to vote and be part of American democracy in every election. Polls reported women having a slightly higher turnout than men. It is no surprise that the votes are swinging in Biden’s direction.

The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University shows that no nominee for either party has gained as much female support as Joe Biden. Women are very concerned for the state of the world and don’t feel like Trump has done well in handling COVID. They believe that Biden Will handle the economy better.

Women are also seriously put off by the president’s behavior and conduct over the past four years, especially 2020. 

According to the poll results indicate that the gap between women’s votes and men’s votes is currently at its widest, while the racial divide between women voters is narrowing. Now in 2020 women are coming together despite racial differences to vote for a candidate who they believe will change America for the better. 

For women who do lean towards voting for Trump they typically land on the side of Racial resentment. 

The New York Times says, “If President Trump loses his re-election bid, female voters will probably have played a critical role.”  

During this election men and women have never been more politically divided. 

The Election in 1992 was called the Year of the woman because of the boom in the amount of female senators. The numbers tripled from two all the way to two dozen. Women have a powerful impact when they come together despite all of the injustices and inequality that women and especially women of color face. 

The fact that many women are choosing to band together to vote for Biden is making a huge impact in this presidential election. 

Despite all the inequality women have faced throughout history and even to this day we continue to create change despite all odds.

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