YouTube Is on Its Way Down

(And It’s Taking the User Base with It)

By Jeremiah Thompson

YouTube, the epitome of platforms for content creators. When one imagines internet fame, one usually thinks about some of the biggest YouTubers on the internet. It’s easy to look at PewDiePie with his 102 million subscribers and think that YouTube is a great place to spread content. Unfortunately, YouTube’s decisions seem to go against the normal users along with a different story.

Markiplier, one of the largest content creators on YouTube with 24 million subscribers, creates videos to update his subscribers about what is happening when it impacts him and his subscriber base. About one year ago, Markiplier had uploaded a video titled YouTube is Broken… and Here’s Why. In the video, he states this: 

“The sad truth is that we are called partners with YouTube, but we are not partners. We’re less than employees. YouTube doesn’t actually care about it’s creators…They don’t because they can’t or at least they don’t have a system in place to do so.”

Markiplier: YouTube is Broken…And Here’s Why

Reliance on the Algorithm is a Huge Factor

Youtube’s reliance on the algorithm instead of on real people constantly causes problems for those who use YouTube. As Markiplier points out, “Until they treat the humans making the content with humans that are supporting the content, [YouTube] won’t work.” Google’s reliance on artificial intelligence is what puts people’s livelihoods in trouble. 

Markiplier uploaded that video 12 months ago, yet YouTube is still creating problems for their content creators and even their user base. In another video, YouTube has a huge problem… Markiplier outlines another massive problem that YouTube is facing at this time. This problem may even be worse than the last problem.

In one of his more recent videos, Markiplier describes how he was hosting a live stream to review a show that he had also recently released with his fans. In that live stream, he had asked the people watching to spam one emote or the other according to the decision the audience wanted Markiplier to make. After a hour and a half, Markiplier’s moderators started noticing a problem. Out of nowhere, people’s started losing their accounts.

YouTube’s Response

In response to the problem, Markiplier and his moderators told people to stop spamming during the live stream. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. The number of people who lost their accounts at the time is unknown, but it is an extremely large number. The problem is even worse than it may seem. People aren’t just losing their YouTube channels, people are losing their entire google accounts.

People, as expected, were outraged and called out to YouTube and Google to ask that their accounts be returned. Since the users didn’t really do anything wrong, it should be easy for Google to return their accounts right? Unfortunately, Google has decided to do nothing about it anyway.

As addressed in Markiplier’s video, YouTube stated to one of the users that “appeals are very carefully reviewed – if your appeal is rejected, there’s nothing more we can do.” YouTube commented this close to the same time that someone else’s account got reviewed, got returned, then 30 minutes later got it terminated again. Someone on YouTube is going out of their way to remove these people’s accounts and for what reason? YouTube’s only answer is that they are following their “Community Guidelines and Terms of Service”.

This means that people’s entire livelihoods, their jobs, and everything else  that uses Google is in danger. This affects everyone working in jobs and those who are students. As a student myself, I need my email to do my schoolwork. If I lost my entire Google account, my ability to check my school emails and log into my school accounts would stop.

This Isn’t Old News

This entire issue happened recently, yet is not the first time that YouTube has been abusive to its user base. Suspiciously, YouTube was quick to contact Markiplier to try to fix this most recent problem a week later (only after the video hit four million views). YouTube has yet to fix the problem, however.

If people allow YouTube to walk all over their user base, they will only continue to abuse them. People need to move their content creation to other platforms, because YouTube is on it’s way down and they are taking everyone they can with them.

There are plenty of other platforms for content creation, don’t let YouTube abuse those who work so hard to entertain and take care of their subscribers.